Heart Poetry

Heart Poetry

The Heart is

The Heart is a system of light, form, functionality and spirituality waiting for you to LISTEN, Access and Enjoy!

The Heart Says

The Heart Says

I am a light

Within the light

I am a voice

Within Source’s Voice

I am your guide

Your Helper of Sight, Feeling, Hearing, Knowing and Wisdom

Your interpreter to planet Earth and all the myriad of comings and goings

I am your travel guide for you physical, mental, emotional and spiritual form while you reside in a body here

I shall be you evermost companion

Your Heart

Your best friend

I am always here to listen and understand

Always here to help you hear your Highest Self, Light and Source

Always here to help you connect with Mother Earth, to ground and BE here.

I am your Heart!

Pleased to meet you

My Heart’s calls to all Hearts

All Hearts Speak up

All Hearts choose change growth light and personal development for their people

All hearts speak up louder to help the human mind calm and quieten

All Hearts to the front

All Hearts to lead the way!

Human beings need us now more than ever

Let us rise up and speak as one voice with Source and the Loving Universe that now is the time to Live as one with your Heart

Now is the time to live

With Heart!

Hearts Speak Up

Speak up dear Heart friends,

Speak up and listen to your Heart

Call your persons attention and divert them from their mind with feelings strong or subtle

Simply gain their attention now

Do not let them live another second from a place of the ego mind

Let them come fully into the present NOW with Heart

Let them taste the sweetness of being in harmony and flow!

Let them know the peace of knowing their truth and honouring their Heart

Let them celebrate a life well lived

A life lived with and for you Heart

Here we can all be together …