Heart Bill of Rights (2017)

Heart Bill of Rights (2017)
Hearts are here to help!

All Hearts are sacred
All Hearts Matter and their feelings, wisdom and opinions count
All Hearts are a direct link to Source, the Benevolent Universe
All Hearts speak and guide us on behalf of Source, our Divine Light and Soul Self
All Hearts are here to help!
All hearts can help interpret and translate your intuitive messages
To marry your insights with wisdom in your Higher Mind
All Hearts wish to see you grow, thrive and shine like the sun – full of life!
All Hearts wish to see their people happy and to ensure they are on their Soul path
All Hearts seek peace for humanity and a more evolved way of living as one
One with ourselves, with our loved ones, friends, society, Mother Earth and our global community.
All hearts have a view for a golden age of humanity
A new period of enlightenment is now
And that’s why we are speaking up,
Shouting, smiling and shining to get your attention
Time for you to listen to us dear ones
Time for you to grow
To become more heartful
More in tune with Mother Earth
More in tune with the love of the Universe
We are here to help!
Time to let us show you how…