Taking responsibility for how we feel means ending the projections

Sometimes its hard to tell if we are projecting or being in our truth?

A good guideline to tell if you are speaking your truth or spitting venom is

Check in with you. Are you:

  • feeling “wrong” or “right”
  • feeling “ angry” or that this present experience is “ unfair”?
  • feeling a desire to “ get stuff off your chest” but really it’s wanting to dump on someone?
  • wanting to punish, or make another person feel your emotions?

If you are feeling any or most of these, take care before you speak, you could be projecting rather than speaking your truth!

If there is any sense of wanting the other person to feel your experience/ pain/ frustration etc, I would suggest stop and look at yourself instead. Write it out, get professional help and speak it out safely with neutral parties to help you gain perspective, rather than project.

Karmically you want to be careful here- what you put out, you will get back magnified. Check in it’s really your truth before you express.

One of the tell tale signs of projection is that anger and blame emotions are arising.

Remember that this is NOT your truth. They are only emotions.

Sometimes the mind and ego, does not know how to handle a person, an experience, a feeling of rejection or the upset of not getting your needs meet how you expected them to. These are all common emotional responses to challenges and expectations not being immediately meet in our lives. Think of it as a grown up temper tantrum. Only now we have the power of words, our 2 year old self did not!

The emotions arising within you are for YOU to process and let go of.

The person helping you have this experience is really not to blame for how you feel inside. It is your ego story arising in you. To project it onto that person, experience or thing really doesn’t help you grow as a soul.

The wiser option would be to go within, to look a little deeper and ask yoursel; Why are you projecting at this person, experience, thing?

What have you made them mean to you?

What can you do to reclaim your power within and choose to self soothe by listening to yourself and choose the wiser path of self responsibility instead?

Self responsibility is the harder path, but one that will help you evolve out of projections and into self responsibility and true spiritual evolution.

Happy Growing your Light!

Acacia xx

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