Let your Heart guide you

Your Hearts job is to help you live, love and have more fun! This is literally its job.

Your Heart is your connection to your intuition, your feeling centre and your telecommunications centre with your Highest Self & Source.

The whole point of having a heart is – yes breathing- and having it physically function as a pump to move blood (your life force in a physical sense), around your body. It is also here to help you feel, process and move your feelings and life force around your body- to keep you full of life force and help you replenish your life force.

It’s not suppressing when we are sad, Heart sore or have heart ache – we feel tired heavy sad depressed etc – low of life force. They are are related.

This lifetime we are privelliged with more consciousness, awareness and opportunities than our parents and past generations have been able to access. The veil between life and the light/Source is lifting and many of us are finding our Hearts are awakening and communicating to us through feelings, impressions intuitive guidance, challenges, anxiety and pains and discomfort that are all calling our intention to ourselves, to our Heart; in order to learn, listen, work with and communicate together.

Your Heart is waiting for you to tune in and listen to it. Help your Heart perform its energetic and spiritual role by tuning in, and recognising it is here to guide you!

Hearts can help us find the easier, lighter, brighter and more fun pathway through life.

There has never been a better time to grow yourself, your conscious awareness of you as embodying your Heart Light, than right now!

A Heart Session can help you learn how πŸ™‚


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