Stand in your power

What is power?

An egoic concept? An energetic principle of amassing light?

I choose power is self defined and comes from my Heart. True power is my light, my Soul wisdom shining through my Heart. Connection to my highest self. Connection to Source. That’s the sort of power I am interested in.

Its easy to identify people and businesses with lots of money as powerful. To see politicians, world leaders and people who get things done as powerful. To view people with large intelligence, large wisdom and large visions as powerful.

Not to forget the immense power of Mother Earth to volcano this and tsunami that, to birth from continental crust under the oceans and grow whole nations. The moon and the tide, the stars and the sun. Perhaps everything and everyone in their brightest truest self, their infinite knowing and wisdom are powerful.

We can change and grow energy into form. We can make up our mind to go and action something – everything. This is a power in action.

What if this definition of power is simply recognising that knowing yourself, knowing what is right for you and true to your inner self and Highest way of being is actually your power.

Original power, originates from within.

I view power as being the expression and embodiment of our highest light, Heart, and energy.

To stand in our power is to embody, act and express ourselves as our light, as our wisdom and in effect as our power.

I can’t think of a better way to be.





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