The end of Story

We all have a story.

A grand narrative of Shakespearean proportions. We play the main character the hero or heroine and everyone we know and love has a part to play in the story of our life.

This story took a team of writers, editors and directors – your parents and family to start- your school, teachers and friends to help refine develop and flesh out your amazing narrative. You wrote, chose, edited and enacted parts of the script or rewrote certain scenes as felt right for you. During adolescence you even directed parts of your narrative as you consciously tried to work out who you are in relation to your family, friends and the world.

To be self defining and a self created. To be the writer of this story of our life.

This is when we really begin to find and define our story. We tug against directions that feel too limiting or restricting, we relax and soak up the goodness and praise from scenes we like.

If your parents always said you are “great at blah blah”, then you most likely  accepted and believed them and nd your story, namingthat part of your story as true. If your guardians or family figures said you so “blah blah” in the negative – you had a choice to reject that as a non truth and edit the story being feed to you, you could say yes I am blah blah in he negative or no that’s not me. Most of us at those young ages soak it all up like sponges and consciously and unconsciously are defined more by our story, than by being able to be that defining factor on our story.

If your life now is all roses -read no further – your story is clearly working for you. If you are looking to outgrow, redifine and ultimately free yourself from your story (in the negative sense- keep what’s working and what you love!) then it could be time to take back the directors chair, grab that writer and editors pen and some paper and set about refining who you are and who your choose to be. And then adjust your story to fit you now. Not to define or keep you small.

What if we can be more than our context? More than our upbringing? More than our hardest experiences and even more than our best. What if we can be exactly who we choose to be?

Lets be brave and have a good look at our stories. Celebrate what is working for you, and what is holding you back, What in your story is your excuse for life not working out exactly how your Heart would wish? This is an opportunity for growth-  we don’t have to be defined by it not working yet.

Resilience is a trademark of a great life story made even better with some Heart and conscious choosing. A great exercise to do is to write down the story of your life. Then write what from your story is working for you, what is ok, and what could be even better. Then make a plan – what steps do you need to take to make the ok work for you, what actions or surpport do you need to help what could be even better- be made better?

You are in charge of the story of your life. The sooner we embrace our immense power as a storyteller and start consciously writing and defining the lifestory and lifestyle we want – the sooner life can be more happy, healthy and fun!


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