Learning to listen to your Heart is easy!


Learning to listen to your Heart is easier than you may think.

We Hearts suggest:

1. Set an intention that you want to listen. (Please note this is very different from a lot of people’s mediation practice which is actually just mind chatter and ranting while deep breathing. Please don’t fool yourself – that is not listening, and will block your ability to hear anything from your Heart.)


2. Understand what you are trying to do

Listening, in an intutitive Heart sense, means no chatter, and sitting in a mind state as a blank canvas or empty sheet of paper waiting to receive. With practice you may bring one question at a time to ask of your Heart, but while your growing this ability simply practice listening and connecting with your Heart first.


3. Empty out your mind. If that means you need to exercise first to breathe it out, do yoga, stretch, make a mind map of your day so you can feel calmer in there – then do that.


4. Get comfortable.


5. Sit peacefully and begin to breathe deeply. Take your time to breathe and soften into yourself.


6. Acknowledge your intention – while you are relaxing with deep breathing- that you wish to listen to your Heart, your Highest Self, Body Wisdom, Soul etc. and state to yourself that you are ready to be quiet, calm, still and listen to receive your inner guidance.


7. Then relax. Don’t try. Almost get yourself sleepy and concentrate on your breathing. Don’t try and simply observe the feelings and sensations that arise.


8. Sit in a mental state of reception rather than expectation.


9. Remember that your Heart will communicate to you in a way that you can understand. That means no two intuitive systems are exactly the same. Your system is perfect for you. And each time you sit to listen will be and feel different from other times. Practice following the feeling with your breath as they flow in and out, providing you pieces of insight and wisdom.


10. Practice keeping a journal to record your notes and listening practice. Some people may receive a feeling, a colour a sound. Some people may remember a recent or past experience. Observe all and don’t hold onto anything. Don’t make it mean anything. Always listen to feel the feeling associated with it, as the feeling you receive tells you how to interpret the guidance.

11. With practice you will begin to hear words, full, sentences and then get stronger and greater Heart impressions and intuitive guidance.


The more you listen – literally the more you will hear!


Happy Heart Listening

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