I see you Solstice

Welcome to the dark night of the Soul.
Winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere is the day of shortest daylight as the sun is furtherest from us in its orbit.

Have you been wondering why the last years have been hard? Our souls, astrological influences and spirits have been asking us to embrace the wounded Healer. To travel within to face our fears, anoint our wounds with love and kindness; to prioritise working on ourselves and seeing ourself as whole again.

2017 has felt like we are going down into a deep ravine. It is from deep at the bottom of the ravine – in the Southern Hemisphere- we take a pause on our journey of Heart, to look up above and see the light so far away.

From a Soul learning point of view, many of us have transcended down as far as we need to go. Now we may make the trek back. Back to ourselves, and back to the light. Back to our highest selves both physically, emotionally, mentally, Heartfully and astrologically to embrace our Divine Selves.

For some, this return to our Divine Self may take many moons. For others many years. Over the coming years the wounded healer will leave all of our paths, offering us a most significant shift.

Regardless of where you are on your personal Soul journey and relationship with your Heart, may all the work you have already invested into yourself help you sprout wings and fly majestically above it all. Now is the time to come into the light and rebirth yourself.

Happy Solstice to all

Love Acacia xxx

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