Hi from your Heart!

Hi! I’m your Heart.
Although this post is written by Acacia, on behalf of her heart, as All Hearts talk and think, feel, act and speak As One; please read this blog post as being written by your Heart for you!

As far as we Hearts are concerned, right now on the planet there is great promise for all Heart People ( people who listen to and follow the guidance of their Hearts’), to learn, remember and grow from a place of living consciously with their Hearts.

It makes sense, Intuition (your Heart’s energetic and spiritual job), has historically been perceived as something scary, unknowable or Other in Western culture, outlawed by some, the people who use it burnt by others. Intuition is still a new ( although absolutely ancient) way of thinking, feeling and living in the world.

Let me explain. Your Heart, EVERY HEART, is your telecommunication centre for your Heart/Soul/Highest Self and direct link with Source/the benevolent Universe. Your Heart is also where you receive your Intuitive guidance from. Not surprising it was outlawed and ridiculed by the Ego and rational mind- your Heart is a powerful place and makes you powerful too!

Remember the last time you received a gut feeling? That was your digestive system digesting what your Heart was relaying to it.

Your Heart translates the intuitive information simultaneously as a feeling and knowing that you use your intuitive system to comprehend and understand. Your gut literally digests the information, hence how you received it as a gut feeling.

Pretty amazing system!

Looking forward to share more Intuitive guidance, Heart philosophy, wonders and wisdom with you about all your Heart can do for you next time!

With love,

WE your Heart xxx

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