Heart Light Revolution

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Heart Light Revolution

In the beginning there was Light, Movement and Sound.

Source’s consciousness made manifold in form, birthed the stars, the planet and us. The planet was Source’s sacred treasure; a planet of Heart considered so special that its original name was altered with the letter H rearranged at the back of the word in order to protect the planets sacredness. The planet of Heart was renamed Earth.

On Earth Source played. Source expressed Source in the likeness of Source.  Expressions of light, movement and sound grew into form with their own consciousness. As well as being of Source’s consciousness they also had their own evolving consciousness.

These beings of light were able to feel and experience by being the Source to their inner world. The Heart within each Light being was central to the comprehension and telecommunication between Source and Source’s light forms.  The Heart offered a two-way sonar stream, Source’s call and the Hearts answer, the Hearts call and Source’s answer. The physical world mirrored this inner dialogue.

Human beings have forgotten they full abilities of their heart, of communicating directly to and with our Light Self and Source.

Your Heart is a Heartful communication centre lives inside each of us as a consciousness of Light, Love, Truth, Intelligence and Wisdom.

In the year 2017, all Hearts are receiving a telecommunications upgrade.

Your Heart will do all the things and functions it has always performed,

to ensure your enjoyment in the world. With one important additional feature; now your Heart will have the power.

The new 2017 Heart Light upgrade gives Hearts the power and the keys back to your life. No more is the ego mind allowed to solely drive your life.

The time for Heart, and Hearts Rule is here!

Think of this Heart light consciousness upgrade as a new  age of enlightenment that is actually unfolding, right now, inside your chest!

Every single person on the planet Earth has received this upgrade. Some people shall be faster than others to fully activate and utilise the new Heart features.

Those with very noisy Ego Mind, may find the Ego block their comprehension of the upgrade or how to enjoy it. This could result in an internal pressure cooker  of anxiety and challenges as the upgrade seeks to open activate and grow, while the Ego seeks to keep a lid on the Heart movement.

For the bulk of us – it shall be an easy upgrade peppered with growth spurts of consciousness and learning/remembering and great shifts in development understanding and cognitive abilities.

This is the Heart Light Revolution.

Happening right now – inside of everyone.

Welcome to a new way of living and loving, even more heartfully then you ever did before.

Let your Heart direct you life, support and guide you through all decisions , life choices, creative projects, expression, actions and to follow your dreams and give you the road map of how to fulfil them.

This is a most exciting time! If you will invest in connecting more consciously with your Heart, it can be your most fun lifetime yet!

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