Heart Philosophy

Heart Philosophy is the metaphysical and ethical pursuit of study into the governance of the Heart consciousness and how we apply that in practice to contemporary life.

Heart Philosophy primarily covers three areas of rational that question theories of expression of the self. This is the recognition of the Heart Self, how we actively experience the world from the place of the Heart Self, how we utilise and engage in the Heart Self’s Intuitive model of Life, and how allowing the Heart Self and Intuitive model to govern all areas of Life leads to maximising our happiness, health and thriving during our lifetime and the promotion of that mindset and wisdom may become a lifestyle legacy for future generations.

Since the Industrial Revolution, human thinking shifted its sensorial experience of life away from the Heart (then reduced to a mere physical pump or location of heightened emotions), and removed the centre of consciousness from the Heart to its new location within the rational Mind.

For all the gifts of the industrial revolution and the rational mind model, it has left much of humanity and the Earth asking, “Where is the Heart?”

Flash forward 200 plus years and we are in the midst of another great evolutionary turn for humankind; a revolution of consciousness that is happening on the inner world of our psyche, The Heart Light Revolution.

The Heart Light Revolution is a revolution of Heart consciousness rising up in clarity, voice and wisdom to take back directorial control from the Egoic Mind.

The Heart Light revolution seeks to institute a new way of being in the world through a marriage of the feminine and masculine. This marriage of the Heart consciousness with the Higher Mind is most needed to produce right governance of ourselves, our communities and the Earth. To listen to the Heart feelings (the Light) within, process them as inner knowledge, and translate them into direct action as wisdom with the Higher Mind, is the process called Living Heartfully. Living Heartfully promotes living, loving, thinking, acting and speaking from your Heart Light Consciousness. This is the revolution of consciousness that humanity needs most at the present time to create a more harmonious, healthy and heartful world.

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