Heart Opening – It’s a Heart Light Revolution!

A revolution is occurring right now inside your chest – your Heart is waking up!

This is a global shift in consciousness, a revolution in the way we feel, think, act, love and conduct ourselves in relationship with our loved ones, communities and  the earth.

Its time to hand your Heart back the keys to your life, and let your ego and head take a break. We have seen how far the world and humanity has grown with a head fuelled approach to life; successes are many, however there is a distinct lack of love in the world, big business rules and inequalities are rife. While many of us in the Western world prosper, many others suffer with inequalities of race, sex, access to education, health and birth controls, warfare and fundamentalism all take a toll. The Earth suffers as a result of our mass consumption and global warming does not help anyone.

It is not too late for us to address and redirect the path for the world with a more heartful approach to how we raise families, global politics, business, community affairs, equal access to fresh water, food, health, education, welfare and opportunities to grow.

What humanity and the world needs right now is for us all to come back to our Hearts. To tune it, to access and learn how to understand the wisdom within us, and then apply that wisdom and inner knowing to our day to day lives, our relationships, community and world. Starting with ourselves, we can grow our Heart Light, learn to love ourselves unconditionally and offer that loving position to all people and animals in our world. From this heartful place, there is no need to fight, there is a philosophy of enough. Then we let this Heartful politic spread to our work colleagues, to community, politics, to how we conduct business and live in the world. This is how we make real lasting heartful change.

We have all the answers within us to help shape and transform our world into a more Heartful place.

Tuning into your Heart can show you how!


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