Heart Coaching – Grow Love


Learn how to access your Heart wisdom with a Heart Session.

Connect to your intuitive knowing to help make wise Heart decisions in all areas of your life, love, career, family politics and relationships, health and wellness.

Heart Sessions offer an energetic approach to the Life, Career and Relationship Coaching model. By integrating Reiki and Kinesiology principals, we can cleanse, clear and choose goals and action plans to assist you in all areas of life that you want to grow!  This modality reminds you are your own teacher, by listening to yourself more consciously during session, you are able to tap into your highest Soul, Light and Truth to gain the clarity and confidence to trust your decision making.

Learning how to tune into your Heart Voice, distinguish between your Heart and ego Voice, calm the mind and refine your meditation practice, can all amplify your intuition and help your feel more confident to move beyond a survive mentality into a thrive state of being.

Heart Sessions can support you to:

  • Hear your Heart and fully awaken your intuition
  • Learn how to calm the mind, still the ego and practice mindfulness techniques to resolve anxiety, fear, worries, stress and negative self-talk.
  • Heal Heart hurts by releasing the emotional residue of past experiences and emotional trauma
  • Grow and attract the relationships and love you want in your life
  • Get clear about your life path and career options. Professional development and career coaching can support you to bring your best self to the work environment.
  • Develop and refine a meditation practice
  • Learn how to tune in and Heart talk with your body on all areas of health, medical intuition and wellness for yourself and your loved ones
  • Access and complete Soul learning in order to change present patterns into chosen ways of being
  • Learn how to Heart talk with your Baby and children to deepen the connective bond and help reduce fear during the conception, birthing and parenting experience
  • Individual and couple relationship coaching can help clear and resolve miscommunications, and assist you to refine your loving communication style and growing the relationship you both want!

This is the perfect time to try a new conscious way of heartful living!



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